An Introduction to Solar PV Modules

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Simply put, a solar PV module is a packaged and connected assembly of multiple solar cells. When the PV module is exposed to sunlight, it produces electricity because of the photovoltaic effect. Types of PV modulesThere are two main types of PV modules: crystalline silicon PV modules and thin film PV modules.Crystalline Silicon PV ModulesCrystalline silicon PV modules are very popular and contribute almost 90% to the total PV modules produced...

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An Introduction to VRLA Batteries

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VRLA batteries are maintenance free batteries. VRLA stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid is the technical term for maintenance free batteries. VRLA batteries are also popularly called Sealed Maintenance Free batteries or SMF batteries in short.VRLA batteries work on the oxygen recombination principle. The hydrogen and oxygen that are emitted in flooded lead acid batteries recombine in VRLA batteries to form water. That is why you don’t have to...

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An Introduction to VRLA AGM and VRLA Gel Batteries

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VRLA AGM BatteriesVRLA AGM batteries are one of the two main types of VRLA batteries.AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. It is a porous glass mat separator with the ability to absorb a large amount of electrolyte while still allowing some pores to be unfilled. These empty pores act as channels for oxygen to move from the +ve plate to the –ve plate (where hydrogen is released) and recombination to take place. That is why these batteries are...

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An Introduction to Grid-Tied Solar PV Systems

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A grid-tied solar PV system is a solar PV system that, as its name suggests, is connected or “tied” to the grid.The figure above shows what a grid-tied solar PV system looks like.Solar PV modules generate DC electricity.The grid-tied solar inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the solar PV modules into AC and feeds it into the grid. In order to do that, the solar inverter also has to ensure that its output is in phase with the...

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An Introduction to Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

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Flooded Lead Acid batteries, popularly called FLA batteries, are the most popular of all the types of lead acid batteries. They have a long proven history of use; they have been in use for hundreds of years.FLA batteries are so called because they contain an excess of electrolytic fluid so that the +ve and –ve plates are completely submerged. As the batteries discharge, the chemical reaction thattakes place produces oxygen and hydrogen which...

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An Introduction to Off-Grid Solar PV Systems

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An off-grid solar PV system is a solar PV system that, as its name suggests, works off the grid. So in other words, it is not connected to the grid.The main use of off-grid solar PV systems is in places where the grid isn’t available like the rural parts of India. They are also very useful in applications like street lights, street signages, traffic lights where the grid might be close by but it is more convenient to have a standalone or...

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