We are actively looking for distributors to distribute our products all over India. If you would like to become a part of our distributor network, please read our Distributor Policy, and if you find it acceptable, fill the Distributor Application Form and send it to us. We will take a look at it and process it as early as possible.

Distributor Selection Policy

When interested distributors fill our Distributor Application Form, we go through the form, determine the suitability of the distributor, and then decide one way or the other. We sign a formal agreement before appointing somebody as our distributor.

Distributor Policy

Our distributor policy is as follows:
  • We will review your application and appoint you as distributor if we find your application in order and feel that you are suitable to become one of our distributors.
  • Once we make you a distributor for a particular area, you will have exclusive rights for that area.
  • If we get an order from your area, we will forward it to you for fulfillment, irrespective of who generated the lead and how.
  • You will appoint the dealers who will sell to the customers and deal with them. We will not deal with the dealers directly.
  • You will have to give us a security deposit.
  • Once we receive your security deposit, you can start placing orders for our products through our ERP system. Your credit limit will be equal to the security deposit that you have given us.
  • You can keep placing orders in our ERP system as long as you are within your credit limit.
  • Once your credit limit is reached, you won’t be able to place new orders unless you make payments for some of your earlier orders.
  • As soon as you make payments for some of your earlier orders, your credit limit will increase by the amount equal to the payment that you have made.
    1. If you choose to return our products without selling them, we will deduct some percentage of your security deposit and refund the remaining amount to you. The deduction will depend when you return our products to us with respect to the time when you signed the distributorship agreement with us, and is as follows:
  • 0-3 months: 25%
  • 3-6 months: 20%
  • 6-9 months: 15%
  • 9-12 months: 10%
  • 12-15 months: 5%

If you return our products after 15 months, we will refund 100% of your security deposit.

If there is any fault in the products that you have returned, we will deduct the appropriate amount to recover the damages to the products.