I started Chase Resource (www.chaseresource.com) in 2005 and Cenergy Offshore (www.cenergyoffshore.com) in 2011 because I wanted to be in the offshore business. I love that business and am passionate about it, which is probably why both Chase Resource and Cenergy Offshore have achieved a great deal of success in a very short time, with an enviable list of customers today.

But I was always passionate about renewable energy, and solar energy in particular. And that is why I am so happy to start Cenergy Maxpower Pvt. Ltd. with Prashant as the driving force. I am also very happy to start off with a strong OEM like EverExceed Corporation. It gives me the opportunity to participate actively in the Indian solar market, which is buzzing right now to say the least. I, and my team at CenergyMaxPower, will do everything in our power (pun intended :-)) to make people go solar and contribute towards a green and clean future for the next generation.

While doing that, we will strictly adhere to our values at all times.

  • We are passionate about achieving excellence and that is why we work with only world-class OEMs who also have that same passion for excellence. We will never accept anything less than the best!
  • We have a very strong customer and solution focus because we believe that people come first; technology comes a distant second. We don’t believe in developing technology for technology’s sake; it has to solve some real person’s real problems. Keeping that in mind, we will always try to identify and address the pain areas of customers.
  • And integrity is something that we never compromise on. We are not here to make a quick buck; we are here for the long haul. Therefore the ups and downs, which are part and parcel of doing business, don’t bother us. If we have to work hard to achieve success, it’s okay. If we have to work very hard, it’s even better, because we like our work and we like to work hard. Above all, we look at the world not from a mentality of scarcity but from a mentality of abundance. There’s a lot to be done as far as making India and the world a better place is concerned, and there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone. We don’t need to “step on each other’s shoes” as they say; we are big believers in mutual cooperation, while focusing on our respective strengths. So if you have a bright idea about how we can help each other out, please contact me (sujay AT cenergymaxpower DOT com) or Prashant (prashant AT cenergymaxpower DOT com). We would love to hear from you!

With that, I will sign off. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon…

Sujay Suvarna

Founder & Director, CEO, Cenergy Maxpower Pvt. Ltd.