VRLA batteries are also called SMF (Sealed Maintenance Free) batteries. They are so called for obvious reasons; they are maintenance-free, which means that you don’t have to periodically fill them with distilled water (or “top up” as they say) like flooded lead acid batteries. So hook them up in your application and forget about them, because they just work!

Besides saving you from the hassle of periodic top ups, all our VRLA batteries have many other advantages compared to flooded lead acid batteries.

Advantages of VRLA batteries are:

  • They do not produce gases during normal operation or while charging. Therefore, they can be kept in the vicinity of any electrical equipment or any inflammable material, unlike flooded lead acid batteries.
  • They do not emit acid spray even if charged abusively. Of course, charging abusively will have an adverse effect on battery life.
  • They are spill-proof and leak-proof.
  • They can be used in vertical or horizontal position (which is something that you can’t do with flooded lead acid batteries).
  • They can be transported without any restrictions:
    • Surface transport: Classified as non-hazardous material as per DOT-CFR Title 49 parts 171-189.
    • Marine transport: Classified as non-hazardous material as per IMDG amendment 27.
    • Air transport: Comply with IATA/ICAO, Special Provision A67.