Grid-tied solar inverters are inverters used in grid-tied solar PV systems. These inverters are “tied” or “connected” to the grid and used to feed electricity into the grid or to supply electricity to the local loads that are connected to the grid.

Grid-tied solar inverters are broadly classified in two categories:

  1. String inverters: String inverters are grid-tied solar inverters of smaller capacity (1 kW all the way up to 35 kW). They are so called because they allow one or more “strings” of solar PV modules to be connected to them. (A string of solar PV modules is a bunch of solar PV modules connected in series.)
  2. Central inverters: Central inverters are grid-tied solar inverters of high capacity (50 kW all the way up to 1 MW, or even higher in some cases).

We have both string inverters and central inverters.


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String Inverters

Central Inverters