The cost of electricity has been increasing steadily over the years. As of today, in many cities the rates are in excess of Rs.10 per unit of electricity. In all such cases, it is much cheaper to generate electricity using solar PV panels and that is exactly what our grid-connected solar PV solution does.

Our grid-connected solar PV solution can be used in grid-connected solar PV plants which feed electricity into the grid.

It can also be used in rooftop solar PV plants to feed the loads (instead of feeding the electricity into the grid) and reduce the electricity consumption from the grid. This is typically done in urban areas where the electricity rates are high (as mentioned above) and it is cheaper to generate using solar PV panels.

This solution doesn’t involve batteries. In the case of the former, it is because the system is large and the electricity cannot be stored in batteries. It isn’t required either because the electricity is fed directly in the grid. In the case of the latter, it is not required because the main idea is to generate electricity using solar PV panels and use it then and there by feeding it to the loads. Therefore adding batteries is not required. Even if it is done, it would be expensive, thus defeating the main purpose.

The main components of the grid-connected hybrid system are:

Solar PV Modules: The solar PV modules convert sunlight into electricity.

Grid-tied Solar Inverter: The grid-tied solar inverter takes the DC electricity generated by the solar PV panels, converts it into AC, synchronizes it with the grid, and feeds it into the grid (in the case of grid-connected solar PV projects) or feeds the loads stored in the battery bank, converts it into AC, and then powers the AC loads.


The grid-connected solar PV solution has many applications, in rural as well as urban areas. They are:

Industries: If you own/run an industry where the grid power is unreliable, odds are that you already have a DG to ensure that you get reliable power. However, diesel is getting expensive by the day putting pressure on you in terms of high operating costs. It also causes a lot of pollution, which is a big concern going forward.You could benefit by opting for our hybrid solution.

Banks / Bank ATMs: Banks and bank ATMs need 24/7 power. If grid power is unreliable, adding solar or wind to the energy mix might reduce operating costs in the long run, and our hybrid solution will help you do that seamlessly.

Telecom Towers: The telecom industry consumes 5% of the total diesel that we consume as a country, and there is a big initiative to go green. Our hybrid solution will help you do just that,and that too seamlessly. Reducing diesel consumption will also reduce your operating costs since diesel is a fairly expensive means of generating electricity, albeit with low upfront costs.

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