We are a distributor of energy storage and solar products/solutions operating in India.

We work with various OEMs, procure products from them, and distribute them in India.(Please read about our OEM Selection Policy if you want us to be your country distributor for India.)

The terms and conditions of doing business with the OEM,including but not limited to marketing strategy, distribution strategy, pricing/promotion strategy, are determined on a case-by-case basis, and varies from OEM to OEM, product to product, and solution to solution.

The terms and conditions of doing business with distributors are governed by the Distributor Policy.

Customer Service Policy

Our customer service policy is as follows:

  • For batteries, the dealer who has executed the sale to the end customer will provide on-site customer support for one year. After that, he will provide customer support only if the customer has signed an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with him. Otherwise, he will charge a visit fee.
  • For all products other than batteries, we will provide free, on-site support for the first two years. After that, we will charge a visit fee. Cost of replacing parts will be charged at actual.

Product Replacement Policy

If there are problems with our products within the warranty period, we will replace the product free of charge, provided the customer hasn’t violated any of the conditions, which make the warranty null and void and the product hasn’t become defective due to abuse or force majeure events.

Warranty period varies from product to product, solution to solution. Please refer to the website or the product brochure for details about the same.