Working process System of off grid solar solution

400 million people in India don’t have access to electricity. It’s hard to believe but it is unfortunately true. Although the electricity grid is close by in most cases, it hasn’t reached these far flung villages; call it “the last mile problem” if you will.

However, telecom towers havereached these far flung villages. But since they don’t have access to electricity, these telecom towers have no option but to power their towers using DG sets. That is why the telecom industry is one of the biggest consumers of diesel, second only to the Indian Railways.

Our off-grid hybrid solution is a fairly complex system which can source power from multiple sources and deliver reliable and uninterrupted power to your loads, while also making it cost effective. Therefore, it is the ideal solution to power micro-grids (which can light up far flung villages or power remote telecom towers, using renewable energy sources like solar or wind, or even other sources like biomass or biogas) or remote telecom towers.

The main components of the off-grid solar/wind/DGhybrid system are:

Solar PV Modules: The solar PV modules convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Charge Controller: The solar charge controller takes the electricity generated by the solar PV modules and stores it in the battery bank.

Wind Turbine: The wind turbine generates electricity using wind energy.

Wind Charge Controller: The wind charge controller takes the electricity generated by the wind turbine and stores it in the battery bank.

Diesel Generator (DG): The DG generates electricity by burning diesel. Although it is an expensive way of generating electricity, it is very popular because of its reliability and low upfront costs.

Battery Bank: The battery bank stores energy during the day which can be later used to power DC loads directly or AC loads through the inverter.

Hybrid Inverter: The hybrid inverter sources power from all the sources as per the pre-decided priority and feeds it to the loads.


Off-grid solar PV system has many applications, primarily in rural areas which don’t have access to the electricity grid. They are:

Remote villages: Any remote village that doesn’t have access to electricity can be powered using our off-grid solar/wind/DG hybrid solution.

Telecom Towers: Remote telecom towers can be powered using our solar/wind/DG hybrid solution. Adding renewable energy sources to the energy mix will reduce the diesel consumption. Besides saving on the operating costs, it is also greatly beneficial to the environment.

Banks: Almost all banks today are computerized and therefore need electricity to function. Our off-grid solar PV system is the ideal solution for rural banks.

Offices: If you want to run your office and do business in a location which doesn’t have access to electricity, then our off-grid solar PV is the system for you! Determine your electricity requirements, size the system accordingly, install it, and you are ready to go!

Homes: If you own a home in a rural area which doesn’t have access to the grid, then you can power it using the off-grid solar PV system. Farmhouses are also good candidates for off-grid solar PV systems.

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