Our Solar Pump Solution will allow you to solarize your pumps while being cost effective; it truly is a great value for money!

The main components of the Solar Pump Solution are:

Solar PV Modules: The solar PV modules convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Pump Controller: The solar pump controller extracts maximum power from the solar PV modules and generates the three phase output required by most pumps. Our solar pumping will work with your existing motors (thus saving you the cost of replacing the motor), irrespective of whether they are monoblock or submersible.


The solar pumping system has many applications, primarily in rural areas. They are:


Farmers get electricity at heavily subsidized rates. However, the problem is that they don’t get enough of it, or they get it at odd hours (say 12a.m. to 8a.m.), both of which are problematic. If framers don’t get enough electricity, then it will affect the harvest negatively; all the time, effort, and money going waste becomes a distinct possibility. If they get the electricity at odd hours, they have to go to the farms at odd hours, which they have to get done from their farm helpers or do it themselves. It is something that is best avoided, especially because it is fraught with risks; many snake bite incidents happen during dark hours when people step on the snakes accidentally due to poor visibility. Our solar pumping solution will get rid of many of these problems. When the sun rises and when the solar PV modules start generating enough electricity, the pump will start operating and will kep doing so till the sun sets.

Housing Societies:

Housing societies who are desirous of going green can also opt for our Solar Pump Solution.