Our solar street light system is a cost effective solution for housing societies or office/industrial complexes opting for solar lights.

The main components of the off-grid solar PV system are:

Solar PV Modules: The solar PV modules convert sunlight into electricity.

Solar Street Light Controller: The solar street light controller performs two functions: it takes the electricity generated by the solar PV modules and stores it in the battery bank (it works like a solar charge controller), and it controls the street light intensity (you can set 4 different intensities for 4 different time periods: say 50% from 6pm to 8pm, 100% from 8pm to 12 am, 50% from 12 am to 4am, and 25% from 4am to 6am). This will enable you to go for smaller solar PV panels and small battery bank, which will save you in terms of cost.

Battery Bank: The battery bank stores energy during the day which is used at night to power the street light.


Our solar street light system has many applications. They are:

Housing Societies:

Housing societies where the grid supply is very unreliable can opt for our solar street light solution. Also, housing societies who want to go green can (and should) adopt this solution.

Office/Industrial Complexes:

Offices or industries who want to go green, just for the heck of it or as part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) fulfilment, can opt for our solar street light solution.